My Early American & European History

J.F. (Jon) Kinyon

enochkinyon My 6th great-grandfather Enoch Kinyon and his son, Joshua Kinyon were officers in the American Revolution and commanded soldiers against the British in the Battle of Rhode Island and other conflicts.

When my grandfather passed away in 2005 I inherited his massive stamp collection and was surprised to find a complete family tree, genealogy charts and notes buried at the bottom of one of the boxes. I was amazed to find out how rich this history is and very confused as to why my grandfather never mentioned any of it to me. Over the past several years I’ve been researching and verifying the information I found. This research also got me interested in tracing my mother’s side of the family and I’ve discovered some interesting things there as well.

My direct ancestors in America were soldiers in the Revolutionary War, a member of the Boston Tea Party, famous politicians, educators and ministers…

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